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biogas plants

is a leading Polish company in the field of industrial biotechnology, specialized in providing comprehensive biotechnology services for biogas plants. Our company has been operating on the market since 2014, supporting entities in all phases of development of biogas projects.

Our team consists of people with over 12 years of practical experience gained in the largest Polish companies from the biogas industry. We have extensive experience in running investment processes related to renewable energy sources, full biotechnology and administrative biogas plant support, and in implementing solutions that improve efficiency and profitability in this type of installations. In addition, our environmental protection department is dynamically operating in the environmental consulting sector, with particular emphasis on the RES and agricultural sectors related to animal production. We specialize in obtaining environmental decisions, integrated permits, sector permits and full, ongoing customer service in the field of environmental protection.


What makes us different?

We have over 12 years of extensive experience in the field of comprehensive operation and maintenance of agricultural biogas plants in operation.

The company's management staff consists of people who for many years led groups of agricultural biogas plants with a capacity in the range of 7.0 to 7.4 MW for such companies as: Poldanor S.A. (currently Goodvalley Agro S.A.) and Polska Grupa Biogazowa S.A. and at the same time provided specialist consulting services for numerous biogas plants in Poland (more information in our team).

We set a new quality of services on the biogas market that is based on a holistic approach to customer service.

Each of our clients can count on full support and assistance in running biogas plants on an ongoing basis and solving problems that will be of biotechnological, technical and formal-legal nature. Thanks to this approach to service, our client is assured that his business is fully secured, through the optimal use of existing resources and activities in accordance with the law.

Our specialists create an interdisciplinary team from the biotechnology, environmental protection, materials engineering and veterinary, which is systematically expanding.

Who we are targeting our services to?




Changes concerning usage of municipal sewage sludge


Public consultation are ongoing for the proposal for a regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment, changing the regulation on municipal sewage sludge.   The amended regulation defines detailed conditions for the use of municipal sewage sludge. It includes the dose whic..

The first RES auction this year has been concluded


The first RES auction this year was settled, which took place on November 3 and was intended for existing installations using only agricultural biogas, including high-efficiency cogeneration with an installed electrical capacity of more than 1 MW.   The amount of energy that coul..

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